Over a Year of work, and this is what I have.

I’ve spent the last year and some months working on this document. It includes the rules, character creation, plenty of monsters, intelligent races, important or interesting characters, and lore for the game world itself.

The game uses a point buy system for character creation, and players can choose to invest in characters who are skilled in melee combat, ranged combat, magic from various and diverse schools, a variety of skills to help in their adventures, and more. The Young and the Brave does not usual traditional class systems such as warrior/thief/mage, though those are viable design options for character creation. Character creation can be a bit lengthy for new players due to the large number of abilities, spells, and skills to choose from. They can also pick up both positive and negative traits which can help to flesh out characters and help develop them as people.

The game is being regularly play-tested with multiple groups, and has already gone through significant revisions since its first beta version. There are many more changes planned however, and additional section that will be added to the document in the coming months.

I invite anyone who finds this sort of thing interesting to download a copy of the game document, and try it out for themselves. Any and all feedback is welcome, and will be considered if it fits within the design framework of the game.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.77]


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