Updates and Change-Log

I added some new content to the game rules based on player feedback from current play tests. The biggest additions are the new magical defense skill which allows more magically inclined characters to use their imagination attribute to avoid getting hit, rather than their dexterity attribute, the Rocker spell book which allows spell casters to buff allies on the field of combat, and monster upgrade packages which allow a GM to buff monster encounters if the player group is defeating them too easily. See full change log below.

Version beta 0.78 change-log

  • Pirouette now only affects normal sized targets. It cannot be used with larger targets that take up more than one space on the combat map.
  • Magical Defense skill added to skills section allowing characters to use their imagination attribute to avoid attacks instead of their dexterity attribute.
  • Flaming Swords now do 1d6 + melee damage, and affect shadow creatures without the usual non-light based attack penalties. Previously they only did 1d6 and worked like normal weapons against shadow creatures.
  • Slight change in description of Global spell type to specify spells that affect the entire combat map.
  • Rocker Spell book added to spells section, allowing a spell caster to buff the entire party in combat with bonuses to hit, defense, damage, healing, and so on.
  • Monster upgrade packages added to allow a GM to buff monsters as needed to help balance combat encounters against more experienced player characters.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.78][linked][ToC]


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