Actual Play Episode 002

After far too long a wait, here is the second episode of the actual play sessions. We’ve decided to play even if we’re missing one player for future games, so hopefully the wait between episodes won’t be as long from now on. We just had a series of people unable to play each weekend this last month or so.

After spending some time trying to remember what happened in our last game, the party spends even more time planning how to proceed, and they somehow manage to work a very one sided combat into the session as well!

The lobby and the lab of Mourice’s Myth Mashers production studio.

The opening song in the last session was from WJLP and it was titled The Graveyard Shift. The opening song this time around is by Bronxio and it’s titled Jazzy Groove. Both songs are released under creative commons and should be usable here (far as I understand it all). If anyone out there would like to see these posted somewhere other than Mediafire, just ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Actual Play Episode 002


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