Baller Spell School and Soccer Ball Weapon Attack

I was asked to add a style of combat based on this Youtube video. While a lot of the content on this 71 minute video (no kidding, I got through a full 40 minutes or so before they had a series of shots based on penguins and… I just had to stop) didn’t fit the game’s setting or systems, the general idea of charging up a soccer ball (or similar kickable ball) with magical energy and using it in combat sounded awesome. So I added the baller spell school to the spells section and a soccer ball as a dexterity based ranged weapon to facilitate this.

Attacks include the meteor shot which shoots the ball into space, and takes a full turn to hit its target back on earth for heavy damage, to the wall shot which creates a translucent magical wall in its wake.  There are only five spells so far, but I may add more if I get any new ideas of how it could be used.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.795][linked][ToC]


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