Corrections and a New Skill for Spell Casters

Handful of changes/corrections plus a new spell for spell casters who want to get more involved in melee combat.

Change Log:

  • Stringer Spell book cool down changed from once per combat to imagination base.
  • Changed wording on abilities for clarification purposes. Abilities that were previously listed as having a range of “touch” now say “adjacent target” instead to avoid confusion with touch based spells. Abilities that affect the caster no longer use “self” for range.
  • Dirt Clod now does 2d6+1 damage instead of 2d6.
  • Added Magical Melee as a skill allowing characters to use their imagination attribute instead of strength when determining base melee damage.
  • Fixed discrepancy for starting attribute points. Previously, some parts of character creation stated you get 75+3d6, but should have said 70+3d6. This has been corrected.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.796][linked][ToC]


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