Major Update Including No More Prerequisites for Abilities, Spells, and Skills

The biggest change to this version of the rules is the elimination of attribute requirements (aka prerequisites) based on the feedback of one of my play testing groups. I was a bit hesitant when it was first suggested to me, but the idea really grew on me over time, and I think this will really free up players to have more fun in character creation. Additionally, this should greatly simplify the character creation process, which was one of the more complicated/time consuming aspects of the game. This also has a small benefit in reducing the page count by a bit, which doesn’t mean much for an electronic document, but it still makes me happy.

Attribute requirements for weapons and armor are still in effect as for now, as I’m still considering whether to keep them or not.

There may be some residual text in the document referring to attribute requirements that will be removed in the final version of the text. Basically, I need to re-read the whole thing, and I’d rather hold off on that until most/all mechanical changes have been implemented.

I haven’t applied the changes from my February 24 post regarding critical rolls and dodge mechanics, but that his how I’ve been running the game in play testing, and those rules will be added to the text with the next major update. Additionally, that update might include changes to the initiative system to either incorporate a speed or dexterity check, or to simply leave it to the players to decide combat order.


  • Removed attribute requirements/prerequisites for spells, abilities, and skills. Experience point cost of some spell and abilities raised.
  • Underlined spell book titles to differentiate from actual spells (you’re welcome Leah.)
  • Minor changes to text for clarification/correction purposes.
  • Clarified text for karate skill to emphasize combat bonuses only apply while the combatant is unarmed.
  • Experience point cost of raising attributes increased after the 10 point mark.
  • Character creation point total increased.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.8]


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