Further Major Updating, Including Changes to Initiative, Critical Rolls, and Dodging

Some more changes to the rules to help speed up combat and to give the players more options in how they approach combat. The initiative changes should allow for more tactical decisions on the players’ and GM’s side. The changes to critical rolls and dodging were first mentioned in the February 24th post of this year, but have finally been implemented into the rules.

  • The Shadows (monster type) has been renamed to The Shadow Creatures for clarity purposes.
  • Initiative system completely revamped.
  • Critical rolls now include succeeding or failing by 7 or more points, as per the February 24th post on this site.
  • Rules for crouching were removed as no one ever used them, and I ultimately felt they were unnecessary.
  • The number of times a character can dodge is now determined by their dexterity attribute, as per the February 24th post.
  • The Knowledgeable trait has been removed from the traits listing and moved to the Skills listing, thus allowing a character to take it as a skill for multiple areas of knowledge instead of a one time option at character creation.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.85]   Use the version below instead.

Slightly unrelated, but I hope to have a new Actual Play episode up soon. Just having a hard time getting everyone together for a session. I’m sure you all know what that’s like if you’re a grown up with a job.

Edit: Slightly updated version that fixed a weird layout problem.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.851] Use this version.


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