Actual Play Episode 8

The eight (and final) episode of this campaign arc. The party does some time traveling, battle a boss, and meet a celebrity of sorts. The first 20-30 seconds of spoken audio have an echo because two of the microphones were temporarily right next to each other, but that ends quickly. It’s still not the best audio out there, but if you aren’t too picky about that sort of thing, the issues are easily ignored.

This is the last episode of this series, and I’m unsure when or if I’ll be uploading more. I will continue fine tuning the game and sooner or later I hope to do the old graphic design thing on it and pretty up the rules, but for now, it is easily playable and enjoyable in its current state.

The intro and outro music on this episode is Orange Jacket by John Fletcher, and can be found in the creative commons section of Soundcloud.

Actual Play Episode 008


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