The Young and the Brave is a tabletop role-playing game. Players take on the roles of supernaturally gifted children fighting an invisible war against evil creature who would see humanity wiped off the earth.

The game was inspired by the mythologies of children, the stories kids tell each other that craft beliefs ignored by adults. It draws upon urban legends, popular media, and memories of childhood to flesh out the world in which the game is played.

The Young and the Brave tries to maintain some of the complexity of popular role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, while remaining accessible to new players and those who don’t want to spend too much time dealing with rules. The goal of the game throughout the design process has been to keep things fairly simple without sacrificing game mechanics.

While the game is playable in its current form, it is still under development, and parts of the rules and game lore are likely to change as the game is further developed and play-tested. More sections are also planned and will be added in future editions of the game as well.

We welcome anyone who finds this sort of thing interesting to download a copy of the game document, and try it out for themselves. The game will remain completely free throughout development.


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