About Time for that Promised Update

After a lot of work, editing, reworking of game systems, and so on, I’m happy to say the new version of the game text is complete and ready for anyone to view. I’d include a change-log, but it’s easier to say pretty much everything except for the core rolling mechanic has been reworked.

The Young and the Brave [Beta v9.01]


Major Update Soon

Well, after getting some excellent critical advice on the game system from someone who knows what they’re talking about, I’ve decided to make major edits to the next version of the game. It may as well be a whole new beta considering how different (read: streamlined) it will be.

Very excited about these changes!

Further Major Updating, Including Changes to Initiative, Critical Rolls, and Dodging

Some more changes to the rules to help speed up combat and to give the players more options in how they approach combat. The initiative changes should allow for more tactical decisions on the players’ and GM’s side. The changes to critical rolls and dodging were first mentioned in the February 24th post of this year, but have finally been implemented into the rules.

  • The Shadows (monster type) has been renamed to The Shadow Creatures for clarity purposes.
  • Initiative system completely revamped.
  • Critical rolls now include succeeding or failing by 7 or more points, as per the February 24th post on this site.
  • Rules for crouching were removed as no one ever used them, and I ultimately felt they were unnecessary.
  • The number of times a character can dodge is now determined by their dexterity attribute, as per the February 24th post.
  • The Knowledgeable trait has been removed from the traits listing and moved to the Skills listing, thus allowing a character to take it as a skill for multiple areas of knowledge instead of a one time option at character creation.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.85]   Use the version below instead.

Slightly unrelated, but I hope to have a new Actual Play episode up soon. Just having a hard time getting everyone together for a session. I’m sure you all know what that’s like if you’re a grown up with a job.

Edit: Slightly updated version that fixed a weird layout problem.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.851] Use this version.

Major Update Including No More Prerequisites for Abilities, Spells, and Skills

The biggest change to this version of the rules is the elimination of attribute requirements (aka prerequisites) based on the feedback of one of my play testing groups. I was a bit hesitant when it was first suggested to me, but the idea really grew on me over time, and I think this will really free up players to have more fun in character creation. Additionally, this should greatly simplify the character creation process, which was one of the more complicated/time consuming aspects of the game. This also has a small benefit in reducing the page count by a bit, which doesn’t mean much for an electronic document, but it still makes me happy.

Attribute requirements for weapons and armor are still in effect as for now, as I’m still considering whether to keep them or not.

There may be some residual text in the document referring to attribute requirements that will be removed in the final version of the text. Basically, I need to re-read the whole thing, and I’d rather hold off on that until most/all mechanical changes have been implemented.

I haven’t applied the changes from my February 24 post regarding critical rolls and dodge mechanics, but that his how I’ve been running the game in play testing, and those rules will be added to the text with the next major update. Additionally, that update might include changes to the initiative system to either incorporate a speed or dexterity check, or to simply leave it to the players to decide combat order.


  • Removed attribute requirements/prerequisites for spells, abilities, and skills. Experience point cost of some spell and abilities raised.
  • Underlined spell book titles to differentiate from actual spells (you’re welcome Leah.)
  • Minor changes to text for clarification/correction purposes.
  • Clarified text for karate skill to emphasize combat bonuses only apply while the combatant is unarmed.
  • Experience point cost of raising attributes increased after the 10 point mark.
  • Character creation point total increased.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.8]

Lots of Changes and Balancing!

The changes made today are a result of a lot of play testing. You think you got a pretty good idea of how to balance these things when you’re first writing the rules, but throw enough players at it, and problems will bubble up to the surface all over the place. These changes should make the game a little more accessible to player’s characters, allowing for more freedom in some aspects of character creation, and more balanced characters all around. Considering a mild increase to ranged weapon attack damage as a future change, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Lots of balancing changes overall in today’s update. Spells in general are a little cheaper and a little beefier now. A number of abilities have been improved/adjusted as well. The HP for all listed monsters/intelligent races has been fixed. Previously they were all 10 points short. Finally, most weapon and armor prerequisites have been lowered to make them more accessible to characters.

  • All monster and intelligent races’ HP corrected (they were all previously 10 points short)
  • Reduced cost for Animator spell book.
  • Added imagination check for supernaturals crossing over Chalker’s Banish symbol.
  • Doors Chalker spell cost increased.
  • Increased Leach HP from 3 to 5.
  • Sanctuary cost reduced to 2.
  • Line Pull’s enemy attack penalty increased to -3.
  • Sand Storm now does 1d6+3 damage per turn.
  • Solid Form duration changed to imagination base instead of flat 2 turn value.
  • Stone Hammer strength requirement reduced from 10 to 8.
  • Blast of Air spell cost reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Slight damage increase to Ball of Ice (+1)
  • Clear Day cost reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Outlet Draw’s cooldown has been changed from once per day to imagination based.
  • Flame Wall now does 1d6+2 damage.
  • Frozen Step now prevents the target of the spell from getting attacks of opportunity against opponents for the duration of the spell.
  • Hula Hoop Kid cost reduced from 10 to 8.
  • Paper Fortune Teller cost reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Poker damage now included melee bonus.
  • Hard Rock cost reduced from 8 exp to 6.
  • Rock-a-bye edited to clarify wind blasts in single direction.
  • Little Piggy cost reduced by 1.
  • Shaper’s golem health values corrected. They were all 10 HP too low previously.
  • Spirit Companion health values corrected. They were all 10 HP too low previously.
  • Big Feet cost reduced from 3 exp to 2.
  • Butt Ugly cost reduced from 3 exp to 2.
  • Poo Brains cost reduced from 3 exp to 2.
  • Rubber and Glue cost reduced from 5 exp to 4.
  • Blood Run now costs 1 HP per 1 extra space moved, rather than 2 HP.
  • Expulsion now does 2d6+3 damage instead of just 2d6.
  • Speed now costs the caster 5 HP per turn instead of 7.
  • Speed spell in Carver spell book is now called Bloody Speed.
  • Sunburst text clarified to indicate that caster is not affected by light’s blinding effect.
  • Shadow Sword now includes melee damage bonus.
  • Burst of Speed ability changed. It now works immediately for one movement action, and costs 2 exp to purchase instead of 3.
  • Careful Blow and Aim text changed to indicate it is an immediate effect.
  • Back Stab now costs 4 exp instead of 5.
  • Hit the Hand now costs 2 exp instead of 3.
  • Clarification to Jaunty Whistle’s description text.
  • Knock Down now does 1d6 damage.
  • Magic Shot no longer needs to reduce the first target’s HP to 0 in order the bounce to a second target.
  • Piercing Blow now works as part of an attack action.
  • Long Shot now works as part of an attack action.
  • Ready now does an additional 1d6 damage.
  • Many weapons’ attribute requirements reduced, making them accessible to more characters.
  • Most armor attribute requirements reduced, making them accessible to more characters.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.797][linked][ToC]

Corrections and a New Skill for Spell Casters

Handful of changes/corrections plus a new spell for spell casters who want to get more involved in melee combat.

Change Log:

  • Stringer Spell book cool down changed from once per combat to imagination base.
  • Changed wording on abilities for clarification purposes. Abilities that were previously listed as having a range of “touch” now say “adjacent target” instead to avoid confusion with touch based spells. Abilities that affect the caster no longer use “self” for range.
  • Dirt Clod now does 2d6+1 damage instead of 2d6.
  • Added Magical Melee as a skill allowing characters to use their imagination attribute instead of strength when determining base melee damage.
  • Fixed discrepancy for starting attribute points. Previously, some parts of character creation stated you get 75+3d6, but should have said 70+3d6. This has been corrected.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.796][linked][ToC]

Baller Spell School and Soccer Ball Weapon Attack

I was asked to add a style of combat based on this Youtube video. While a lot of the content on this 71 minute video (no kidding, I got through a full 40 minutes or so before they had a series of shots based on penguins and… I just had to stop) didn’t fit the game’s setting or systems, the general idea of charging up a soccer ball (or similar kickable ball) with magical energy and using it in combat sounded awesome. So I added the baller spell school to the spells section and a soccer ball as a dexterity based ranged weapon to facilitate this.

Attacks include the meteor shot which shoots the ball into space, and takes a full turn to hit its target back on earth for heavy damage, to the wall shot which creates a translucent magical wall in its wake.  There are only five spells so far, but I may add more if I get any new ideas of how it could be used.

The Young and the Brave [beta v0.795][linked][ToC]