200 Word RPG Challenge

I am honored and humbled to be a finalist this year on the 200 word RPG challenge. There are a lot of amazing games people have created who are part of the finalist selection, and it blows me away to be considered among them. I thought I’d share my entry here in a pritified version. It’s called Time Travel Thaw, as is probably obvious.



Bottle Cap Throttle

While putting the finishing touches on the latest incarnation of The Young and the Brave, I took a short break to work on a totally unrelated game called Bottle Cap Throttle. Bottle Cap Throttle is a game about flicking bottle caps around a table to simulate drunken, post-apocalyptic loons driving around a battered wasteland. You drive with bottle caps, you fight with bottle caps, you make skill checks with bottle caps… you get the picture. Grab the short pdf below to check it out.

Bottle Cap Throttle